3. Do I need a contract with yourself/Other consultants?

In terms of our services, we will ask you to sign the RIAS document: ‘Scottish Condition of Appointment of an Architect’.  This is a detailed document that serves to benefit both parties; so that both have a clear understanding of timescales, financial commitments etc.   In terms of other consultants, although we can recommend other [...]

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2. What’s a ‘design brief’?

A design brief is formed at the beginning of your project.  This will state the purpose and intention of the project, along with its schedule of accommodation, site and budget.  We will therefore create this ‘brief’ in consultation with you.

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1. Why should I use an Architect?

When you use a Chartered Architect you are protected.  This is important as it means that our work has to be exercised to the standards established by the professional body. Architects are uniquely qualified to design buildings and manage entire projects from conception to completion and this is exactly the level of service you’ll receive [...]

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