Stage A&B. Appraisal & Design Brief

Obtain information from client on proposed site.

Site visit, meeting with client and initial appraisal.

Initial advice on project, preparation of client’s brief, budget & construction.

Advice on need to obtain planning and building warrant consents,

as well as the need for the services of other consultants or specialists.

Preparation of the design brief on behalf of the client, confirming key

requirements and constraints and identifying procurement method, procedures,

and organisational structures.

Develop design brief and prepare initial outline design proposals.



Stage C. Outline Proposals

Develop client’s requirements and prepare outline design drawings as proposed.

Include for structural and building services systems, and outline specifications.

Liaise with structural engineer and any other consultants, if required.

Prepare 3d interactive presentation of proposed house.

Pre application meeting with client.

Submit outline proposals for initial cost appraisal.

Submit outline proposals for pre planning guidance.


Stage D. Detailed Proposals (Planning Submission)

Develop scheme design from approved outline proposals.

Consult with planning authority and any other necessary authorities.

Consult with structural engineer and any other consultants.

Finalise 3d external views of virtual house.

Prepare detailed scheme design for client approval.

Prepare & submit detailed planning & listed building applications.



Stage E. Technical Design (Building Warrant Submission)

Develop detail design from scheme design.

Provide information to structural engineer and any other consultants.

Prepare technical detailed designs and all other necessary information.

Prepare Stage E report and design meeting with client.

Prepare & submit full detailed building warrant application.

Incorporate structural engineer’s details & submit to building control.

Provide information for updating cost estimate.

Advise on and recommend form of building contract.


Stage F-G Production Information & Tender Documentation

Prepare production drawings & detailed specification.

Incorporate all other consultant’s information into production information.

Prepare and collate tender documents to enable tenders to be obtained.

Identify and evaluate potential tenders. Review timetable for construction.

Prepare Stage G report and design meeting with client.


Stage H Tender Action

Appraise and report on tenders / negotiations.

Revise construction information to match adjustments in the tender sum.



Stage J Mobilisation

Advise client on the appointment of the contractor and the

responsibilities of all parties under the contract.

Prepare the building contract for signing.

Provide any further production information as required by the building contract.


Stage K Construction to Practical Completion

Administer the terms of the building contract.

Conduct meetings, make site visits throughout the construction period.

Provide further information reasonably required for construction.

Review design information from contractors or specialists.

Review compliance with statutory and contract requirements.

Give general advice on operation and maintenance of the building.

Prepare and submit to Client a stage K report.


Stage L Post Practical Completion

Advise on resolution of defects. Provide information for agreeing final account.